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Pop Rock Collar – Janet Jackson Inspired Pet Collar XS-XL-1



This Baby Pink Spike with Silver Rhinestones and Rainbow AB Stones Pop Rock Collar sensation is inspired by the worldwide renowned Janet Jackson. This collar is a winner and worn for an advancement to fame. It’ll bring out a soft, yet edgy look that will give you a serge of power to put you at center stage for any performance. Just wearing this collar, you’ll gain a tremendous competition result with a huge trendsetting influence. It’s a collar that brings out a take charge attitude of being in control. Wearing this collar opens up your heart, so that you can put your whole self into any performance you love. So get ready to cause a scene as you step out into the limelight with all of your fan’s eyes glued on you.

Each stone is carefully placed into a Silver and Gold Plate setting, using an exclusive process, which holds all of the prongs in place. Each Baby Pink Spike is drilled into the collar by hand. All of the Baby Pink Spikes and Silver Metal Rhinestones, with Rainbow AB stones are placed onto a Gold Vegan Pleather Glitter Collar. The buckle is adjustable with a metal tongue and a d ring beside it to give the style a polished look.

The dangling guitar pick charm adds to the beauty of the collar and brings out inner peace and harmony.


– Xtra Small fits 6″ through 8″ snug neck circumference (3/8″ wide)
– Small fits 8-1/2″ through 9-1/2″ snug neck circumference (3/8″ wide)

We do make larger and thicker sizes in this collar for larger dog with more rhinestones. Request a custom order for this product
– Medium fits 9-1/2″ through 11-1/2″ snug neck circumference (1/2″ wide)
– Medium Large fits 11-1/2″ through 13-1/2″ snug neck circumference (3/4″ wide)
– Large 13″ through 14-1/2″ snug neck circumference (3/4″ wide)

– Extra Large fits 15″ through 16-1/2″ snug neck circumference (3/4″ wide)
– 1XL fits 1XL dog 17″ -19″ snug neck circumference (3/4″ wide) 64.99
– 2XL fits 2XL dog 19″ – 21″ snug neck circumference (3/4″ wide) 69.99
– 3XL fits 3XLdog 21″ – 23″ snug neck circumference (3/4″ wide) 74.99

(If you are ordering a cat collar, this collar will be made on a green collar base, but is available red, hot pink, purple, gold, silver and blue collar. Please let us know which color you would like).

– XS fits 4-1/2″ through 7″ snug neck circumference
– Small fits 7-1/2″ through 9-1/2″ snug neck circumference
(If you do not see your cats size, we recommend ordering a dog collar).

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Heavy Metal Spiked Collars

XS (3/8" width) – dog 6" – 8" snug neck circumference ($64.99), XS (3/8" width) – cat 4.5" – 7" snug neck circumference ($64.99), S (3/8" width) – dog 8.5" – 9.5" snug neck circumference ($69.99), S (3/8" width) – cat 7.5" – 9.5" snug neck circumference ($69.99), S (1/2" width) – dog 8.5" – 9.5" snug neck circumference ($69.99), M (1/2" width) – dog 9.5" – 11.5" snug neck circumference ($74.99), M (3/4" width) – dog 9.5" – 11.5" snug neck circumference ($74.99), ML (3/4" width) – dog 11.5" – 13.5" snug neck circumference ($79.99), L (3/4" width) – dog 13" through 14-1/2" snug neck circumference" ($84.99), XL dog (3/4″ wide) 15 X 16.5″ snug neck circumference (89.99), XL-1 (3/4" width) – dog 17" – 19" snug neck circumference ($94.99), XL-2 (3/4" width) – dog 19" – 21" ($99.99), XL-3 (3/4" width) – dog 21" – 23" ($104.99)


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